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The meanings of the elements and signs

I think we all have learned alittle about our sun signs from reading the horoscope in the newspaper or looking up our sun sign in a book. But our natal charts are much more complex, they are made up of 12 houses, which each house has a meaning. the 10 planets and then the aspects between the planets. Many Astrologers also add some astroids and the north and south nodes as well as the arabic part of fortune. I think of the chart as a puzzle with many pieces and its important to learn what all the pieces mean before we can really interpret a chart for anyone.

I think to make it easy to understand lets start my talking about the elements in a chart. The elements earth, taurus, virgo, capricorn, and water, cancer, scorpio and pisces are feminine energy. That means that they are more receptive and passive. When I write about feminine or masculine I want folks to know neither is prefered or better then the other, just different energy. Feminine energy is more cautious and waits to get all the information and absorb it before they respond. They are often shy and very concerned about security and getting there needs met. The earth and water signs are very good at nurturing and knowing instinctively what a person needs. The earth signs are the ones that either make you a great meal or help you build your garage, they are very practical. They see what needs to be done and are methodical in their approach to getting tasks done. They have a great love for the earth, and the finer things in life, such as gourmet food, fine clothes, good materials, and money. These folks want the nice cars, boats, fine jewelry etc. the things that will last. Taurus make wonderful musicians and singers, taurus rules the throat and (its ruled by venus which loves beauty and music.) They are great chefs, bankers, real estate brokers, architects, landscape artists, investment brokers, jewelers, interior designers. The sign virgo which is ruled by mercury and more interested in the details and perfection, make good carpenters, accountants, map makers, city planners, enviromental scientists, gardeners, journalists. The sign Capricorn, the last of the earth signs is ruled by Saturn. These are the corporate lawyers, the bankers, investors,the CEO’s of companies, judges, dentists. The earth signs love being out in nature and feel a powerful connection to the land and need to be connected either by working in a garden or taking a walk or going on a trip. It revitalizes and is calming to all the earth signs. The water signs deal more with feelings and have great compassion/empathy and often have a psychic ability. They absorb others feelings as there own, which can cause physical and mental problems. Water signs are nurturing and have a true ability to empathize with others. Its important that they connect with a spiritual path because that helps ground them. They make good teachers, therapists, social workers, ministers, nurses, healers. Cancer is the first water sign. Cancer is very sensitive and is strongly connected to the mother, they love home and family. This sign is connected to the past and all things domestic. They understand money equals security, so they can be frugal. Cancers love the ocean, or being near any body of water. Which is true for all the water signs.
Next is Scorpio, they are deep feeling and can suffer alone, because they dont wish to share their deepest feelings. They are psychic and understand peoples motives, its hard to fool a scorpio. Scorpios can go to extremes in their lives either with drugs, alcohol or sex. They can be very good with money and investing as well as being wonderful therapists if they have done their own emotional work. The last water sign is Pisces they are sensitive and absorb everyones feelings. Like the other 2 water signs Pisces are also psychic and tend to lose themselves in intimate relationships, they can merge with others and lose their identity. Pisces can feel the pain of the world,they can become overwhelmed easily ,so creating strong boundaries is very important for them. They will help anyone in need and are often in the helping professions.

A quick overview for earth and water signs. They are feminine and passive, they dont jump into situations they wait to get the facts or get a feel of things before they act. They are nurturers ,builders and lovers of the earth, and healers. Earth and water signs are more cautious and shy. In general they dont like discord or confrontations. What I have noticed if there are too many feminine planets in a male chart, he may look masculine but will act feminine. He will be passive and dependent and may have had many lifetimes as a woman.

Now lets look at the masculine signs of air and fire. The energy is more assertive and active, air and fire signs don’t wait to start a project or act, they jump right in. The energy is out front, and has leadership qualities. Not to say feminine signs can’t also have leadership qualities but it will manifest differently. Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius all deal with the mind and communication. They are very curious signs and want to learn about many topics, they often have sharp intellects, and can get bored easily. These are the teachers, journalists, writers, broadcasters, interpreters, lawyers, mediators. The sign Gemini is very open and friendly and a natural student. They tend to love to read and learn and can lose interest pretty quickly if a topic loses interest to them. They are a bit fickel because they can get bored easily which includes getting bored with people. They are very good as editors and writers and understand the nuances of words.
Libra is the sign of balance and rules others. Libras always want to be in a relationship, they are very fair minded, and hate decect, and have a strong sense of design and color. Librans are always seeing both sides of any situation, because it rules ” others” it can be hard for them to focus on thier needs. Aquarius is the last air sign, it rules groups and friendships. They like people who are different or eccentric in some way. Aquarius are free thinkers, and are not put off by non traditional non statis quo thinking, dressing or beliefs. They like to be part of groups in fact they often do better with friendships then intimate relationships. Because this is a sign that does not like to feel fenced in.

We will end with the element of fire. All fire signs are dynamic and creative and independent. The fire signs are Aires, Leo and Sagitarius. Fire is always moving, and full of enthusiasim, they are natural leaders. They jump into projects and don’t wait for approval. Like all masculine signs they are assertive and usually not cautious like earth and water signs. Fire signs can be pure joy to be around because they are the life of the party, and make wonderful hostesses or provide entertainment for the audiance. Fire signs often love an audiance. They need lots of attention, and to be around other creative people. Aires is the first fire sign, its ruled by Mars. So all Aires are very direct, and can be blunt. They are fearless and love starting projects, but they may not finish them. They get bored quickly and want to move on to something new. There is a childlike quality to all the fire signs, but especially with Aires. I see it as young energy full of potential but not always tactful. The next fire sign is Leo, ruled by the Sun, this is very strong dynamic energy. They are creative and dramatic. They command attention and are often wonderful actors or actresses, and need an audiance. Leos are fiercely loyal and have great love of home, family, and friends. But if you hurt their pride or they feel betrayed its difficult to win them back. They need lots of love and attention, are wonderfully creative, can be stubborn. The last fire sign is Sagitarius, ruled by Jupiter. This a very friendly easy going fun loving fire sign. They love adventure and travel, they are interested in people from foreign lands and different religious or spiritual beliefs. They need lots of freedom in a job or relationships, they can always feel that the grass is greener somewhere else. They are the eternal students and love teaching and learning.
I have given you a VERY brief summary of the elements and the signs. If you have your chart you can begin to learn more about the sign and elements in your natal chart. Remember our natal chart is the foundation of who we are in this lifetime. I do believe in reincarnation. It takes awhile to understand all the pieces of the puzzle of the natal chart. It took me many years and Im still learning more.



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